Credibility? – AI Content

Running Investigation on Content Generation. Ease to automate or AI generate text / media. Listed items are pending check if not otherwise indicated (detailed).

  1. Very fast to undercut media distribution (position post ASAP) => Influence or fake information getting propelled, viral via initial Loggers. Usual political practice with dedicated teams of any size.
  2. Decreased cost to maintain high quality looking (borderline) honeypots.
  3. Combined with very punctual, immediate AD campaign (short / cheap)

WordPress most used Internet Site Management stack (as used for this site adding AI assistance for content generation. was just introduced. (demo)

Inferkit (demo) (demo)

Cohere (demo)

OpenAI (demo)

Anthropic (still limited country access Q1 2024)

Anyword (marketing)




HeyGen (Video, 1 free trial, yearly pricing only, September 2023 buzz fake videos)

Adobe Firefly Above picture ‘Generative artificial intelligence process chart’


Open X Embodiment (Robotics end-points)

Review by Zapier

Review by InfoWorld Peter Weyner

Review MSPoweruser

AI Content detector (demo)

Digital Forensic Research Lab

For programming, example of current state

US Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence 30/10/2023 (Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights)



Kaggle fake-news classification

Fake content detecter (google)

Reverse Image Search (TinEye)






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